Analyses & Development 
You will receive practical advice for future development or projects. This service will be conducted during a company visit that lasts about 1-3 days. This visit will include inspecting the companies grounds and facilities, getting to know the ins- and out of your company, having ‘looks around’ for impressions. It also includes interviews and discussions with the management, the key role managers and some workers about the operations and the figures. If possible, I will perform a benchmark.

Mainstream consultancy issues: improvement of purchase sugar beet seed, sugar beet price and purchase of beets, purchase of logistics, large scale cost saving logistic operation, stocks, improving beet cultivation, difficulties in marketing of factory lime and improvement sustainability.

Offer in advance for 1 week all in for: start analysis, assessment, consultancy, report, worldwide travelling cost and travel time. See page WELCOME for countries.

Short (worldwide travel) projects or trajectories are possible.

Follow up
If necessary I will deploy other professionals (associates) with relevant experience and knowledge. Depending on the demand, Company-Improve itself will provide the man power and knowledge to pick up and implement the advices together with your company staff.

Expand your knowledge
I can connect you with renowned companies, research facilities and educational institutes. I am lucky to possess a relevant network of professionals. If desired, I would be happy to introduce you and get you connected.

40 years of experience
"These services are based upon extensive experience for decades in the sugar production industry."

Please feel free to contact me for any more information.