Expertise for improvements

Sugar beet cultivation | push up the yield

  • All aspects of sugar beet growing and strong yield development



Agricultural management | Supply chain management

  • field man agricultural service for sugar beet growers                                      
  • member management team of the sugarfactory Groningen                        
  • manager agricultural department mid + north Netherlands                       
  • member management team agricultural department sugar company  
  • manager agricultural affairs headquarter of the company                         



Excellent logistics of beet and pressed pulp |>9 mio ton

  • management of more sustainable large-scale 24/7 sugar beet logistics
  • cost pricing of sugar beet loading and sugar beet logistics
  • loading and logistic agreements
  • large scale purchase of loading and logistics
  • sustainable and successful cost saving projects sugar beet logistics
  • return logistic of by products sugar factory
  • GMP certificated logistics for pressed pulp
  • supplier rating logistic contractors of sugar beet logistics


Management sugar beet seed | growers and factory

  • overall management sugar beet seed for > 8000 growers | factories
  • purchase of > 85.000 units sugar beet seed for the right price
  • marketing & sales of sugar beet seed to sugar beet growers
  • supplier rating seed company
  • chairman workgroup sugar beet variety research
  • chairman technical committee of the workgroup


Marketing sugar factory lime | 300.000 ton | year

  • large scale m+s of sugar factory lime for farmland and casingsoil for mushrooms
  • development of a quality system (RHP) sugar factory lime for casing soil
  • cradle to cradle initiatives | sugar factory lime | building material | animal feed
  • press system for fluid sugar factory lime
  • large scale handling and storage of factory lime

Sustainability projects

  • large scale energy saving logistic projects
  • long storage of sugar beet seed
  • development eko sugar beet growing: go or no go
  • internet of things | using sensor techniques | big data
  • solution for payments of large suppliers for a sustainable relationship
  • and more