Company Improve prefers to work on follow-up and spin off projects together with its associates.  

These associates are 100% independent professionals and have expertise in the field:

General management

  • managing director & CEO
  • food factory management
  • food and sugar production
  • factory investments
  • sugar factories
  • by- and waste products
  • General agriculture

    • plant science | farming
    • water management
    • crop rotation planning
    • precision farming
    • sugar beet and potato growing
    • machinery for agriculture

    Sugar beet specialist

  • seed variety and quality
  • resistances
  • sugar yield improvement
  • in- and external quality
  • fertilization | crop protection
  • registration | certification

  • "Dutch experienced professionals , multilingual, high educated (BC | MSc | PhD) available in a short term. Most of them are prepared to travel for short periods 'to and in' other countries."