experience innovations sugar beets

Company-Improve is directed by Bert Weegenaar. Bert has a vast experience in sugar beet production.

"Based on my experience in the sugar industry I believe that improvement is always possible in all situations, in every company and in all countries." Even if you think you are ready.
"Improvement leads to a better use of resources, less waste, less energy, more food and lower costs. It is my personal experience that even the best company in class can improve strongly."


The mission of Company-Improve is to develop and improve processes or systems in agriculture and sugar companies. To decrease the costs, to increase the yield and the product quality and to improve sustainability. And, better earnings in the sector.  Company-Improve also strives to equip companies against fluctuating prices of commodities. This is a risk for the continuity of companies with a lower level of equity.


From now on, the world population will grow enormously. There is a great need for more food for the people on this planet and a more sustainable production and logistics. The world needs more food (production) in the surrounding of the big cities and less food miles. If you can speed up the yield with me, the saved soil can be used for other crops.

from sugar factory to refinery